Acoustic Cork

Acoustic Cork Underlay

Along with being an environmentally friendly product, cork offers unparalleled sound control and insulation qualities. An added highlight is cork’s versatility to work under carpet, ceramic tiles, vinyl, laminate or engineered wood flooring.

Cork pieces are baked and bound together to form acoustic underlay sheets. The unique cellular construction is the secret behind its success – entrapped air acts as a fantastic noise barrier, along with natural resilience and warmth. These qualities make it an ideal choice particularly for apartment buildings, schools, hotels and offices.


· Environmentally friendly and one of nature’s few renewable resources – unlike synthetic underlays, cork does not break down or lose resilience

· Low weight provides thermal insulation and easy installation

· Provides protection from stress cracks in ceramic tiles and hardwood flooring

· Excellent noise barrier from floor to floor, or room to room

· Dulls the noise from hard soled shoes

· Consistent thickness (levelling not required)

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