Quality Portuguese Cork Flooring

Cork has made a fashionable comeback and is every bit as innovative and edgy, as it is sustainable and comfortable. Cork will naturally insulate your home and provide a pre-finished solution that’s kind on your feet, health and the planet.

From tiles to underlay, this fantastic material has been ultra-modernised, with tiles now including metallic sheens, vibrant colours and a variety of shapes and sizes to suit.

Cork Concept Floor Tiles

Cork floor tiles are a natural product that provide warmth, comfort, durability and softness under foot. Robust enough for both residential and commercial projects, our tiles are a natural product steeped in tradition and craftsmanship. The outer bark is stripped back from the cork tree and left to rest in the forest before being taken to the mill. After pressing and squaring, it rests for a further few months before being carved into tiles.

Although natural, earthy tones are still popular, our tiles have expanded to include metallics and customised colours (and sizes) to suit any project.

Cork Concepts have been manufacturing for 50 years and we have fine-tuned a pre-finished product to enable quick and easy installation.

Custom Colours

For a small fee, our custom colour service allows you to pick a colour from the Resene chart. Our design team are here to help!

Standard Colours

Pre-finished to order in our factory, cork is exceptionally versatile with the ability to take on any colour, including moody greys, earthy greens, metallic silvers or beautiful muted tones. Check out the ‘block out’ colour where the cork granule is hidden. Or you may choose to see the cork through the colour.

Journey of Cork

A Cork Concepts floor is steeped in tradition and craftsmanship. From the ancient forests of the Mediterranean, Cork Concepts brings you a floor as innovative in design as it is practical in comfort and warmth.

Employing a traditional method which dates back centuries, the cork farmer strips the outer bark from the cork tree. Like giant cinnamon curls, the sections of cork rest in the forest before being loaded onto an old truck and taken to the mill. After pressing and squaring, it rests for a further five months before being carved into tiles.

Once on New Zealand shores, the cork is transformed to suit our luxury designer market. Although the natural tiles are still popular, Cork Concepts has expanded to include shimmering metallics and an unlimited range of colours.

For over 50 years Cork Concepts has refined the craft of cork manufacturing. Dedicated to our customer’s comfort and health, Cork Concepts has perfected a pre-finished system to ensure minimal disruption to your daily life.


  • Cork is a natural flooring choice

  • Cork flooring is warm, soft and insulates your home

  • Cork flooring is Eco-friendly, non toxic and ideal for allergy sufferers

  • Cork flooring is extremely durable

  • With cork flooring most dropped objects bounce

  • Cork is easy to clean and is ideal for wet areas

  • Custom and metallic colours are available

  • Cork is a natural soundproofing material. It reduces sound in commercial areas or footsteps in apartment-style living

Eco Benefits of Cork

By choosing cork you gain a healthy living environment, support sustainable livelihoods and promote protection of endangered ecosystems.

Cork floor tiles are the ultimate in ‘upcycling’. Made from the cork that’s left over from the more lucrative production of wine bottle corks, cork floor tiles are essentially a waste product made good. They’re also from a completely renewable resource. Like shearing a sheep, bark is stripped from the cork oak tree, leaving the tree standing.

Cork Concepts flooring is unique in providing a natural flooring product with low VOC’s.
At Cork Concepts we use high quality water-based polyurethane rather than solvent-based varnish. As well as being a designer product, cork is a first-rate natural insulation material with an ‘R Factor’ of 2.6. All of this combines to provide peace of mind to families who want a healthy home.

“Cork comes from ancient Mediterranean forests. It is a totally natural, renewable and recyclable product. Cork harvesting is one of the most environmentally-friendly processes in the world. Cork forests support one of the highest levels of biodiversity on the planet, including the critically endangered Iberian Lynx, the Iberian Imperial Eagle, the Barbary Deer, many species of rare birds as well as many fungi, ferns and other plants. It also plays a key role in maintaining water-sheds, preventing erosion and keeping soils healthy”.

“Cork harvesting is a great example of balanced conservation and economic development. The preservation of cork trees is vital for the well-being of the Mediterranean region. More than 100,000 people in the seven Mediterranean-region countries depend directly or indirectly on cork for their livelihoods”. (See for more WWF information).

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