The best flooring options for a bathroom


Choosing the best flooring for your bathroom is key. It not only has to look good but it also has to cope with humidity, water spills and temperature changes making it imperative that you select the right bathroom flooring for you. In this article, we take a look at your options from the timeless appeal of tile to the brand new option of CERAMIN waterproof flooring.


Tiles are the go-to for most people for bathroom flooring as they are waterproof and stylish. A tile can achieve a rich, textured, solid feeling that fits with your styling and colour palette. Because there are so many different types of tiles, you can create the exact floor you want. You can even find ceramic tiles that looks like wood or stone.

Tiles come in a wide variety of sizes and shapes, from square and rectangular to octagonal and hexagonal. Smaller mosaic tiles are pre-mounted on plastic mesh sheets, so you do not have to individually set each tile. With tinted grout, you can be even more creative.

Like stone, tile is cold, so this is one thing to be aware of,  you can always lay a heat element under the tile but this can prove quite expensive to lay and run every day. Tiles can also be slippery so make sure that when you select them for your bathroom that they have some level of texture.



Ceramin is a fairly new product in the NZ market and is made in Germany. It is a mineral-composite floor and wall covering that is free from phthalates, plasticisers and volatile harmful substances. It is low weight per metre squared and yet still extremely robust, making it the ideal surface for bathroom flooring and walls, and although far lighter than ceramic, it’s just as stable, waterproof and heavy duty.

✓ Waterproof
✓ Extremely hard-wearing
✓ Without PVC and chlorine
✓ Free from plasticisers and phthalate
✓ Recyclable
✓ Ecological and exclusively made in Germany
✓ Design-decors in digital printing processes

If you have not seen this type of flooring before it is well worth visiting our showroom to look at the sample colours and styles available. Alternatively, take a look on our website HERE.



The introduction of wood back into bathrooms areas is very on trend. Whether it is a wood vanity, wood accessories or even a wooden floor. If wood flooring is the type of flooring that you are considering then you may want to consider engineered wood due to its dimensional stability under high moisture conditions. Our suggestion would be it is better suited for a powder room than a family bathroom. For more information on wood head over to our website or give us call.

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It is fair to say that a bathroom floor will experience some moisture every day so think about the durability and the practicality when choosing your flooring, do your homework and pick the flooring that best suits your lifestyle, time of life and home. If you need help with your decision please come and visit our showroom or contact us on 09 440 9625.

Garth Dye